Patch stopped working suddenly s8 and s8+



Hi have a big issue. I had patch working absolutely fine on s8+ with android 8 and since yesterday it just stopped working. Have a same issue with another s8+ on android 8. No more switching to flight mode and usual stuff on restart. It just restarts and goes to emergency calls only straightaway withot trying to apply patch (flight mode etc.) imei is still there but cert status is: NG allways. Phone fw hasnt been updated or factory reseted.... root by magisk with TWRP. Would happily reaplly the patch but mine one year license just expired on one account and mine 3 day license which i used to reapply patch after factory reset week and half ago finished too. What can i do? Please help. Thanks. Hats off so far best patch cert solution is from chimera as i tried 2 other boxes.

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