Henchman Products Pty Ltd


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Henchman has vast experience in toolkitting, with in-house facility for CNC cutting of foam tool trays and in recent years Henchman has developed a range of highly innovative electronic tool control solutions. As a result, Henchman has become a well-recognized turnkey solution provider across the globe for aircraft tooling.

Business Address: 8 Pavilion Pl, Cardiff, NSW 2285, Australia

Business Phone: +61 2 4956 7111

Business Hours: Saturday: Closed || Sunday: Closed ||Monday: 7:30am–5pm || Tuesday: 7:30am–5pm || Wednesday 7:30am–5pm || Thursday 7:30 am –5pm || Friday: 7:30am–5pm

Business Email: [email protected]

Business Website: https://www.henchman.com.au/